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The Plan for 2018

2018 "Princeton Event Cancelled
We're taking a break from the annual event this year. The club will take this year to allow those who've worked on the event for many years to take a year off while we reassess our goals and restructure a meaningful opportunity for today's ridership based on several items - even those that have always been set in stone.

Please note that as reported in the preceding note and as on the Home
Page, the club has decided to take a step back and assess what future Princeton Event's should embrace. 37 years ago the club began filling a large void in the sport. Riderships peaking well above 2000 riders has been ample evidence of that success. Recent lower numbers says things were quite different then than now in our cycling world and simply abiding to the traditions that has made us a fixture on the Annual Event riding calendar is due a close look in terms of what will best suit the community.

Fear not, We have not given up and even as this is written thoughts and plans are going forward toward what our next edition might encompass. More on this matter as the year goes forward. Enjoy the rest of the Event calendar and keep us in mind, hey, you may even effect change with your input - we always love feedback.