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Club Ride Guidelines

Arrive 10-15 Minutes early and be ready to LEAVE ON TIME.
  1. Make sure your bicycle is in proper working order BEFORE you arrive.
  2. Carry a spare tube, patch kit, pump, and water bottle.
  3. Practice safety and obey all traffic laws.
  4. Wearing a HELMET is REQUIRED.
  5. Do not BIKE OFF more than you can do. Go on rides within your ability and experience. If in doubt, phone the ride leader before the ride.
  6. Leaders are not responsible for those who ride ahead of the group.
  7. ALWAYS NOTIFY THE LEADER before leaving the group.
  8. Leaders will adhere to the advertised speed of the ride. Any leader who fails to consistently adhere to advertised speed of ride may have leader privileges suspended. In this regard, before ride leader privileges are suspended, the PFW Board will review ride participant complaints and ask the ride leader to voluntarily raise or lower advertised ride speed.
  9. Any rider who appears to be riding in an irresponsible manner may be asked to leave the ride.
  10. In the case of inclement weather, or if the leader fails to appear (probably because of an emergency), form a group and go on a ride if you like.
  11. Use of AERO BARS on rides is prohibited. A rider may have them ON his or her bicycle. Just save their use for a time trial or solitary ride.
  12. Riders under 18 must be accompanied by an adult.
  13. In the case of an accident, the ride sheet needs to be submitted to the Club's Database Person within 48 hours who will be responsible to distribute it to the Board within 48 hours for submission to the club’s insurer. A Board member will follow up by contacting the affected riders. Accident reports will be retained indefinitely.
  14. Riding with earbuds in is prohibited.

effective June 1, 1996; revised May 2001, December 2013, February 2019