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The Board passed the following process that we will use going forward for PFW to give funds to charities, and also support the club "social" perspective. For Charity rides taking place from June through October, the club will set aside a maximum of $2500 to be donated to charities from the PFW on the behalf of PFW members that participate in a charity ride.
  • A minimum of 2 PFW members must participate in the Charity ride.
  • The $100 is a donation by the PFW on the behalf of the riders, and is NOT part of any registration fees which are the responsibility of each rider.
The process:
  1. Send a request via a single e-mail with the names of the two (or more) participating riders to Philanthropy.
  2. The first group of club members making the request, no earlier than 60 days prior to the rides starting date, will be selected.
  3. This e-mail must be followed by confirmation e-mails by each of the members named within two weeks of the initial e-mail submission.
  4. The club will donate $100 to that charity ride in the name of the riders on the original e-mail.
There will be no more than 25 of these awards and no more than one per charity ride during any given year.