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1.    Am I required to wear a helmet during the ride?
Yes. All riders must wear a helmet while cycling.


2.    Does The Event take place if it rains?
Yes! The Event is held rain or shine.  If you choose not to ride due to the weather, you can still check in at the registration desk to get your T-Shirt (pre-registration required) and enjoy the BBQ style lunch and DJ.


3.    What time do I have to be there?
Starting times are on your own, but suggested times are as follows:

(to be added for 2019 event)


4.    Will bike mechanics be available during the ride?
Sponsoring bike shops will provide mechanical assistance at MCCC and at several rest stops.  In addition, SAG (Safety And Gear) vehicle drivers will have limited basic supplies such as tubes and pumps and can help with basic repairs when riders come properly equipped but run out of supplies. Bike mechanics are not able to provide full services during the ride, so be sure to get a tune up and have your bike ready before the event.  They may have some small items for purchase, water bottles, tubes etc.


5.    Will there be rest stops with food, water and restrooms?
Yes! Rest stops will be stocked with snacks and drinks, and bathroom facilities will be available.  Rest stops are only open during the day of The Event, (date).


6.    What meals are provided?
Cyclists and volunteers will be provided with a (meal details).


7.    What if I cannot finish the ride?
If for any reason you are unable to continue during the ride, a SAG (Safety And Gear) vehicle will bring you and your bicycle to the nearest rest stop or MCCC.


8.    If I can't make the ride, will you mail me my t-shirt?
No, but you can pick up your shirt on the day even if you choose not to ride.


9.    Can someone hold my t-shirt until the end when I can pick it up?
Unfortunately, we have no place to keep your T-shirt.  You should place it in your car if you do not want to ride with it.


10.  Do you take credit cards?
The PFW can only take cash or checks.


11.  What happens if I pre-registered, but my name was not on the list?
You will be required to pay at registration.  The club will issue you a refund if your registration on is found or has been received by US Mail.


12. Still have a question needing an answer?Send an email to the PFW WebGuy